Living Your Dreams: Taking and Making Opportunities

Living Your Dreams, Taking and Making OpportunitiesTalk about living your dreams and great opportunities. Who remembers the board game “chutes and ladders”, also called “snakes and ladders.” I always had a love/hate relationship with the game. It was the only game I stood a chance at winning against my older brothers.

What a great feeling it was to land on the tallest ladder and shoot past my brothers. Yet it seemed so humiliating to land on that dreaded long chute, or snake, and slide back down to the beginning. Yet even through this love/hate relationship, I always looked forward to playing.

This game is a good representation of life. At some point we all face the ladders of great opportunities, and the chutes of degrading setbacks. In the game we have no choice in the matter, but in life we often have a choice between getting on, or getting off.

Taking and Making Opportunities

When opportunities arise we are the ones who choose to get on, and how high to climb. When problems arise we can choose how we respond, and how far we slide down.

It’s no secret that life poses many chutes and ladders. The problem is many people have stopped playing the game. They refuse to take opportunities when they arise, and willingly allow gravity to pull them all the way down during difficult times.

If you want to live your dreams you have to jump on the opportunities when they arise. Don’t let fear or remorse from past decisions stop you.

Think things through, seek advice, weigh your options, and then make up your mind. Most opportunities do not present themselves, or repeat to often. If a door opens, go through it, you never know how tall the ladder is inside. That next door may be the key to living your dream, taking opportunities and reaching that next big goal.