Give The Monster a Cookie – Conquering Scary Goals

feed-monster-cookies-conquering-scary-goalsConquering Scary Goals

Cookies are great, so great I can’t keep them in my house. They are like little “make me fat” bullets all lined up in their plastic chambers. For some reason, I can’t stop at eating just one. I think it’s a cookie company conspiracy to package cookies all lined up in a row like poker chips waiting to be played, or eaten, as in this case. When it comes to conquering scary goals we first need to take a look at our monsters.

Conquering Scary Goals: Monsters come in all shapes and sizes

  • Some are big and scary, like buying your first home.
  • Some are small and creepy, like the roommate assigned to you in the college dorm.
  • Some are dark and live in shadows, like trying to decide where to invest your hard-earned money.
  • Some change with the seasons, like the desire to leave a secure job and start your own business.

Whatever your monster is sometimes you just have to feed it a cookie.

Conquering Scary Goals:  Why give cookies to monsters

Do we give monsters cookies to make them fat, or just compliant enough to leave us alone? Although these are good uses for cookies, they are not the answer. Many times we are faced with the monsters of our own desires.

There are things we would like to do, but as we start to accomplish them, we become overwhelmed, and these great ideas become monsters in our own minds. These monsters could be a big idea we have, something we’ve always wanted to do, or even a new opportunity presenting itself.

Most often we need to give these monsters sweet and yummy cookies in the beginning. Many times the biggest monsters can be other people who seem to stand in our way. For example, let’s say you’ve always wanted to leave everything behind, and sail around the world. It would be a bad idea to drop this bomb shell at the dinner table.

cookies-many-conquering-scary-goalsConquering Scary Goals: one bite at at time

So, instead we need to start letting them nibble on cookies every so often. You know those subtle hints like – leaving magazines about sailing lying around the house, or asking our spouse if they ever thought about going on a dinner cruise.

These small steps can help the other person “buy into” the idea a little at a time, like feeding monsters one cookie at a time. Of course giving monsters cookies is just a metaphor for breaking problems into smaller, more edible pieces. This can help us stay motivated along the way, and encourage other people to help us reach our goals.

When conquering scary goals and trying to reach our dreams  we need to remember the importance of taking one step at a time, which may include feeding your monsters cookies every so often.