Don’t Make A New Year Resolution. Make 10 or 20 or 30

New Year ResolutionI’ve always had a love hate relation with tradition. Take the New Year Resolution for example. It sounds great. We resolve to lose weight, stop smoking or do something great, only to fail miserably before we receive our first valentine. So get off the tradition merry-go-round and start a new tradition of your own.

One Resolution, One Chance

The problem with finding success in our New Year Resolution is we think too small. It’s basically a numbers game, a simple game of math. Let’s face it; we mere mortals need constant motivation. That’s why God created supervisors, and motivational speakers.

If you have 10 New Year Resolutions your chances of accomplishing at least one goes way up, like 10 times. This makes it way easier to accomplish great things this New Year, because being successful in one area is great motivation to find success in others.

1 new year resolution = 1 chance of success

10 new year resolutions = 10 chances at success.

The other good thing with multiple resolutions (or goals) is we can pick and choose different ones to work towards throughout the year. If loosing weight is getting you down, you can work on the smoking or drinking or swearing or always being lazy, late, lonely or lost.

Resolutions don’t have to be difficult

When endeavoring to reach multiple resolutions, its helps to set both easy and hard goals. Start with the easy ones first. It’s amazing how great it feels to start checking off the list early in the year.

I have a list of over 50 goals each year. Some are easy to reach – like buying a guitar. Some are difficult to reach – like learning how to play the guitar.

At the end of each year, I just roll over the unaccomplished goals to my next year’s list. Then I add the new things I want to carry out in the year, and start at it again.

Over the next few years you’ll be amazed at how many great things you can accomplish if you have the right tradition.

So let’s add a few more S’s to the New Year Resolution Tradition.

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