First Commandment of Success: Make a Decision… Please!

 Make a Decision… Please!

excusesSuccess in life has a starting point, and that starting point is often the conscious decision to do something. 

It can be the decision to join a gym, start eating right, or spend more time with family. Sometimes it’s just as simple as deciding to do something different from what we have done in the past.

As a parent, no one has to remind you that children will say they forgot to do homework, but somehow managed to remember to turn on the computer, download some music, play a game, and chat with a friend.  

Yet as adults we do the same thing. We say we don’t have the time or money to fix something broken or clean the house, but somehow find the time and money to see a movie, or hang out with friends and buy overpriced coffee.

Now you may be wondering what all this has to do with being successful. Well actually, it has everything to do with our success!

It is only when we begin to grasp the true nature of our humanity (like the propensity to make lame excuses), that we can begin to overcome the areas that drag us down, and strengthen the areas that will help lift us up. This is purpose behind this article, and our first step to success. 

It’s amazing how easy we make up excuses for not doing things we find unpleasant, but somehow find time to do the things we enjoy most.

First Step to A First Step – Make A Decision and Do Something about It

My father used to tell me that indecisiveness was a sign of weakness. I never knew what he was talking about, because I was too busy trying to decide whether I wanted to order a big mac, fillet of fish, or a quarter pounder with cheese. Yet later in life I realized that when I oscillated between one decision and the next, it would become increasingly difficult to make any significant progress.   

Over the years I had the chance to meet many successful people, and one thing they all seem to have in common is the ability to make a decision, and then set in motion the steps needed to reach that decision. This is not some supernatural ability endowed at birth, but it is something successful people learn to develop over time. 

How to Make A Decision and Stick to It


*  Find a place conducive to helping you make clear and rational decisions and go there regularly.

*  Brainstorm and write down all the pros and cons of a decision to help prioritize various decisions.

Limit your options to those most applicable to your overall goal.  Sometimes having too many options makes it difficult to make a decision at all.

*  Try to evaluate passable decisions before they are made, by looking at the risks, consequences and feasibility of various decisions.

*  Do not listen to the nay-sayers and pessimists. Surround yourself with people who will give you honest advice, but still support you even if they don’t agree with you.

*  Clear your decision with the right people (spouses, children, bosses, parents etc) before you start. 

*  Don’t ever let the fear of failure stop you, or inhibit you, from reaching your goals. Sometimes life will give us “reality checks”, which often seem like the precursor to failure. However quite often negative or harmful events are really just a way to help us get back on track, or move us in another direction.

*  Your success is not determined by expectations of others, because personal success is always determined by the individual.

*  Don’t overlook the small things in life, and remember it’s never too late to make up your mind.

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 Success is the process of reaching our goals… not the goal itself

Lastly Set Some Realistic Goals and Start Moving

set-financial-goalsMany people set various goals like loosing a certain amount of weight. They often set a goal like trying to lose 10 kilos, but can’t seem to lose that last 5. If this goes on long enough, many will eventually give up, and go back to old eating and exercise habits. This is easy because we are so focused on a specific number that we can’t focus on the accomplishment of the weight we did loose. 

It’s easy to feel like you failed when you do not reach a specific goal. However success can often be determined by even a partial fulfillment of our dreams, desires and goals. 

Remember our success lies when the outcome of a decision is in line with the main purpose of our desires. This does not mean we have to be satisfied with only partially reaching our goal, but that it’s important to remember that success is a process and not a destination. All our successes, whether they be small or large, partial or complete, all began when we make up our minds to do something, and then take action to fulfill it.

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