What Hat Are You Wearing? Friendship

what hat are you wearing, freindshipsFiguratively we wear these hats that identify who we are.  For instance the “Friend Hat.”

What constitutes a” friend hat?”  Someone that is encouraging to us?  Someone that holds us up in hard times? Our “friend hat” works both ways. We need to be friendly, while at the same time letting others be our friend.

If you look around many people roam aimlessly trying to find friendships.

Most of us just need encouragement that friendship is near. But be careful though, not everyone is out to find friends.  With a little intuition, we can bypass those that are just out to get us, and those that are truly genuine.

I have found such a genuine friend. Someone I can say “she’ll be there.”  Now to others she (my friend) may be a little odd or a little emotional. But to me, she’s perfect because she teaches me and I teach her.

We have created this bond of friendship that no matter how we are feeling we know that God will mend us again. Did it happen overnight? Certainly not. We have grown over the years spending time in prayer, at events, and creating good holiday cheer.

What makes a good friend?
Is it being loyal?
Are you looking today?

Start today by praying that God (thy God) will bring that special person. Because of prayer, I’ve found several women to which I pal with, but I have to say one in particular is very special!

Article dedicated to Carolyn Ford