Who Wants to be First? God and Family

who wants to be first, spiritual growthI recently read an article about a funny but tragic story where a man dressed up as Big Foot. He got the long-haired body suit on and decided to become the 1st person to walk in daylight across the highway. Unfortunately his planning led to his death.

See while he was running on the highway, 2 motorist hit him and killed him instantly.  When the sheriff arrived on the scene the motorist’s statement to the press was “What was he thinking?”

Many of us think what if I was the 1st

First at running a 23-mile marathon in 6 hours, or being the 1st at graduating from a college, or 1st at the store for that big discount.

Like this man in the story, his decision to put on a suit and walk through traffic brought attention, but also brought on an early death. I wonder if he wanted to be seen at the 1st Bigfoot out of the forest.

Maybe he thought that moment of fame would carry him, or he would have bragging rights. But like most things fame is short-lived, and what we think could last forever, only last for brief periods.

Our focus needs to be what can be achieved that will remain for eternity. 

There are only a few things I’ve come across, family and God’s eternal heaven.

We need to concentrate on living a full life with those that we hold dear, and remember our home eventually will be determined by our decision to follow Christ.

Want to be one that can live as if you’re number 1?  Then learn to enjoy the small and great moments with friends and family, and invite Christ into your life.  Like Jesus said:  What profits a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul.