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saving money everywhere

Saving Money on Health

It’s a shame some people spend all their health getting wealth, and then spend all their wealth getting back their health. In this area it does not pay to be cheap, or try to save a buck, at the cost of our health.  However in the long run maintaining our health can save us a fortune (have you looked at the cost of a simple surgery today).  Here are a few tips:

  • Eat healthier food (start small and work your way up)
  • Get enough sleep (or if you sleep too much cut back),
  • Bend with your knees (proper lifting and maintaining good posture saves more than just you back),
  • Increase your movement lifestyle (exercise, or do things that cause you to move more).
  • Reduce stress (typically stress is caused by too much work or responsibilities, and a lack of rest or nourishment).
  • Have regular checkups (filling small cavities, maintaining cholesterol / blood pressure levels etc. is the key to limiting greater problems later).

Saving Money on Clothing

In today’s society we seem to be in no shortage of clothing.  One just has to venture into a closet to see a variety of clothing, many of which have been relegated to the “maybe I will wear this again” side.

  • Before you buy any more cloths try: Wearing the cloths you have, before buying more, and take all your unused clothes, shoes and accessories, and sell them or give them away.
  • When saving money check discount racks, outlets, used clothing stores, buy better quality that last longer, or try swapping with friends your size.

saving money everywhere

Saving Money on Transportation

We all need to get from point A to B, but there are many ways to do so.

  • Having and running your own vehicle is expensive, but doesn’t have to be.  We could use it less, buy a better more fuel-efficient car, carpool often, keep up it regularly, walk to places close by, combine regular errands into one day, use a bicycle or motorcycle, remove unnecessary insurance and increase deductibles etc.
  • If we use public transport, we can also do things like purchasing discount/multiuser fares, walking when going shorter distances, buying a bike or scooter to get around, or scheduling regular events to correspond to one another.


Saving Money on Service fees

Sometimes service fees can cost us more than the original purchase.  Like inexpensive printers that cost fortunes in ink, we can save by finding ways to lower service fees.  For example:

  • Make your payments on time, so you don’t incur penalty charges this is a key to saving money.
  • Check your bank/phone/credit card etc. statements, and find out what each charge is for, and if it can be changed or removed.
  • When using a service of any kind, try to find out if the listed price is what you actually pay or if there are any hidden fees.


Saving Money on Insurance

There are many unnecessary and redundant insurance one could buy.

  • For example – many personal car insurance covers rental cars, home owners insurances can have overlapping coverage, vision and dental plans often cost more than just paying for it yourself, having life insurance when your children are already grown up and successful etc.
  • Always shop around for insurance, and make sure you buy only the insurance you need to cover yourself from major disasters, the rest pay for yourself if or when problems come up.


making-more-moneySaving Money on Family

Having a family is costly but worth it.  Various expenses include:

  • Education for children:  Try to get exemptions if the local school is in a poorer area, and hire tutors to help your children do better. Sometimes hiring a tutor can be cheaper in the long fun by helping your children succeed.
  • Holidays and Travel:  Instead of buying costly presents give your children one larger sum of money and go out shopping for presents, that way each child will be able to give and receive. Research inexpensive fun things to do closer to home.  Purchase holiday items well before hand when they are inexpensive or on sale.
  • We can start saving money by doing things together:  Find a good church that has activities for all the family. Set regular family nights at home, and have each member take over a night. Attend community-sponsored events instead of expensive commercial events.
  • Stop subsidizing family member’s bad behavior:  Many spend endless amounts of time and money trying to “help” family members when they are just enabling them to continue in their destructive behaviors. Instead find ways they can start to help themselves, instead of you making all the effort.
  • We are never too old to learn, but sometimes we spend money on things that sound good at the time, but are not committed to doing.
  • Things like subscriptions to magazines, online sites, book clubs, purchasing expensive educational programs etc. are not necessarily going to provide an education, especially if you don’t use them.
  • So start saving money and cancel these subscriptions, and try some free online sites, educational programs and go to your local library where many of these are free to use.


Saving Money on Entertainment & Recreation

It’s amazing how we will get angry over a $1 bank service charge, but pay $100 for a few hour concert. Each of us has their own things we spend on for entertainment, but here are a few ways to possibly save:

  • Try saving money by bundling entertainment features, purchase yearly passes, watch things online, pool resources with others and go as groups, try doing or buying things that you can use at home or with friends and not going out, try take up a new inexpensive hobby.


Saving Money on Grooming

It’s nice to be pampered, but sometimes it goes too far, and we neglect the things we have to do for the things we want to do.

  • That expensive haircut could probably be done by another less expensive barber, that nice paint job on your nails, may be able to be done just as well by an artistic friend.  So whatever you have to do, make sure your personal grooming habits are under-control, or in-control if you are lacking in this area.


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