Weight Loss Commandment 1 – Will Power is a Decision

eating weight lossThe first commandment of weight loss is the same as the first commandment for success in any endeavor,


One of the truths of life is that we all make excuses on why we cant get something done, but somehow find time to do the things we enjoy most. Whether that be watching a moving, shopping at our favorite store, hanging out with friends, surfing, golfing, or lying in bed reading a good book.

As a parent, no one has to remind you that children will say they forgot to do homework, but somehow managed to remember to turn on the computer, download some music, play a game or two, and chat with a friend. As an employee we probably all had a boss who said, they didn’t have time to work on your suggestion for a better work environment, but somehow miraculously found plenty of time to golf with their business associates.

Now you may be wondering what all this has to do with one of the first steps to successful weight loss.

Well actually, It has everything to do with our success!  When we begin to grasp the true nature of our humanity, we can begin to overcome the areas that drag us down, and strengthen the areas that will help reach our goals. This is the purpose behind this writing, and our first step to success.

the-thinker-of-weight-lossWeight Loss Point # 1:

The fist step to success in anything, is pretty much just making up our mind to do it. It can be the decision to join a gym, start eating right, exercise with a friend, or just deciding to do something different from what we have done in the past. It is true that the implementation of a goal is more difficult than the decision to set up a goal.

However everything in life has a starting point, and that starting point is often the conscious decision to do so.

Like the saying goes, every great journey starts with a first step and that includes weight loss. I have had the chance to meet many successful people in life, and one thing they all seem to have in common is the ability to make a decision, and then set in motion the steps needed to reach that decision. Of course this is not something endowed at birth, but it is something we can learn to develop over our life time.

Weight Loss Point # 2:

Many who fail to lose weight allow the failure of not reaching a weight target, or failing to stay with their diet, to become an excuse to stop trying altogether.  Sometimes life will give us reality checks which often seem like the precursor to failure.

However quite often negative or harmful events are really just a way to help us get back on track. They may just force us to go in another direction which may just help us lose weight faster and easier.

All successful people, including those who lose a substantial amount of weight, have come to realize that failure to lose weight is not really failure, but just another learning experience.

So remember when you decide to do something, don’t ever let the fear of failing stop you, or inhibit you, from reaching your various goals.

dreams2Weight Loss Point # 3:
Success is not determined by others expectations, because personal success is always determined by the individual. Our success is the process of reaching goals, not the goals themselves. Our success lies when the outcome is in line with our desires. Remember success is not just succeeding in every attempt.

Success can often be determined by the complete, or even partial fulfillment of a weight loss goal. It is often the little victories that bring us the encouragement to continue on in our weight loss.

So don’t overlook the small victories, press through the failures, and remember it’s never too late to make up your mind. Remember that all our success, whether small or large, all began when we made up our mind to do something, and then took steps to follow through on our decisions.


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