Second Commandment of Success: Organize Thyself

There is a branch of Mathematics called Order Theory that studies various kinds of binary relations. A binary system is used in computers, and is made up of two numbers, 0 and 1. When a computer makes any calculation it is based on a different series of binary code like 10 or 01, or 0101 or 1010 etc.

This series of binary codes inside a computer device is recognized by the electric current that is turned on and off inside the basic components of the computer. It’s like taking a light switch, and moving it up and down. Every time you move the switch to the on position the wires inside the walls are put together which allows the electric current to flow freely, thus turning on the light.

This is exactly what happens in a computer; only the switch is turned off and on in different series of orders and combinations. These electrical signals are then translated by the software, which converts them to the appropriate letters, pictures, sound, numbers etc. Without the organization provided by the binary code in your digital device, you would just get a jumbled, disordered, and incoherent mess.


To be honest, many people’s lives can be described the same way. Without specific order our life would turn into a series of jumbled, disordered, and incoherent events. This is why order, and organization is vital for our success.organize

When it comes to expediency, one good definition would be – the process of placing different objects in logical arrangement for better searching and discovery.  For time management a good definition would be – the process of arranging your time to properly manage the tasks, goals and projects that need to be done. For weight loss it would be- to re-order your life to consume more nutritious food, less “junk” food, and spend more time moving.  Whichever way you define it, organization always involves a process of one type or another.


Everyone organizes their life, time, and belongings in different ways. People tend to organize their time in segments such as minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. The president or leader of a country needs to organize their time to the second, while us common folk can organize our time day by day. No matter how we organize our time, we have to find a process of doing so.


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Time is easy to manage: This is because it’s already broken into small segments for us, and if you have a clock and a calendar you are pretty much good to go.

* The most common way of organization is to write things down in an organizer or digital organizer. Most organizers are a calendar with a means of writing down tasks, and when they need to be accomplished.

* The most important thing is to write things down regularly, because we are forgetful, but paper is not.

* It is also important to set up the habit of carrying it with you regularly.  It does us no good to write things down, and then forget about them on the table.

* It doesn’t matter the means where you organize your time, all that really matters is that you begin to do so, and keep working at it until you find something that works.

* Keep things simple, because if it’s too complicated you probably won’t use it.



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It is cheaper, in the long run, to become efficient in organizing paperwork, than it is to pay the late fees, overdraft, fines, and frustration over the lost hours which always accompanies sloppy and disorganized paperwork.

* There is a saying that goes, handle paper one time, and save a dime. This basically means – the less you handle paper, the more time you save, and sometimes time does equal money.

* If you have fallen into the bad habit of shuffling paper work, and moving it from place to place, then you might want to make the organization of your paperwork a priority.

* There are many ways to handle paper work. Try experimenting by: purchasing stackable paper trays or a filing cabinet, separating bills into various folders, scanning and digitizing papers, purchasing accounting software, or even setting up internet banking and electronic payment for every bill.

* Remember it is easier to keep track of our finances over time, than it is to wait until the end of the year and then try to sort through the mess. So keep working at it until you find a system that works for you, and discipline yourself to keep up with the system.



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Obviously there is no simple way to organize our entire lives, and many things are beyond our control, but a few paces to start would be.

* Goals: If you want to be successful, and get things done, there is no better way than to write goals, and set up plans to meet them.

* Activities: quite often our activities get in the way of living. We spend so much time organizing our life’s around various activities we forget to be spontaneous. So to help, maybe we can take a different way to work, or find a new friend, talk to strangers, explore places near our own home, or even try something new.

* Friends and family: When we sit down and write out our calendar, and to-do lists, don’t forget to include the friends and family members that we have overlooked, or thought about spending time with but never did. Try writing down their names and to schedule them in.

* Health: There is a saying that goes – some people spend all their time obtaining wealth and then spend all their wealth obtaining health. Need I say more? If you want more information on organization there is plenty of great websites and books designed to help you organize your life.

The most important thing to remember – if we want to become successful, we will have to change the way we have done things in the past.  The time and effort spent to organize and/or reorganizing various areas of your life is the best way to start.

Remember Success Commandment 2, Organize Thyself


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