Should we fake it till we make it?

Since childhood, we all pretty much “faked” our way through life. Let’s be honest. Even in school most of us had no clue as to what was going on. We just followed the teacher, trying to master whatever it was that was required. Then as we continue, we built confidence and ability.

Basically, there is no other way, because no one is ever truly ready in the beginning. If we wait until we have experience, we will never gain experience. ‘Getting all our ducks in a row’ rarely happens. Sometimes ya just gotta step out and pretend you know what you’re doing.

Thus, the expression – We gotta fake it till we make it. Or in other words – we learn confidence and gain ability as we go along.

We would miss out on many opportunities, if we waited until we knew everything before we stepped out of our comfort zone. Just think of it as trial and error, or experimentation, or testing our hypothesis, or research and development, or whatever it is that gets us off our butts and back in the game.

In summary. We may not know what we’re doing in the beginning, but we can learn along the way. So maybe its time we stop procrastinating and get out and start living our dreams. Even if we must fake it till we make it.

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