Third Commandment of Success: Find Purpose For Your Life

third commandment of success establish purposeWhen  it comes to finding success we must first look at being able to establish purpose for our lives and do what we are good at. Here are a few quotes to begin.

  • Roger Fisher, a renowned psychiatrist states, “There is a fundamental human need for guiding ideals that give meaning to our actions.
  • William Damon, a leading scholar of human development, defines purpose as, “A stable and generalized intention to accomplish something that is at once meaningful to the self and of consequence to the world beyond the self.”
  • Helen Keller wrote that happiness comes from “fidelity to a worthy purpose”.
  • Webster’s dictionary defines purpose as, “something set up as an object or end to be attained.”


 “Purpose without action is a daydream. Action with without Purpose is a nightmare” Japanese Proverb


I believe to establish purpose is vital to our success in every level of life, no matter how you define it.  Below is a list of cause and effects when we establish purpose or have no purpose in our life.

finding success, finding puropose


To establish purpose (or vision) is beneficial in many ways:

  • Establishing purpose can give direction for your life and those around you.
  • Helps develop commitment to yourself and others close to you.
  • Builds loyalty both to a cause and those you work with.
  • Creates unity to your actions and those around you.
  • Provides continuity to your life.
  • Gives a sense of fulfillment, especially when goals and objectives are met.
  • Provides encouragement when times get hard and difficult.
  • Builds confidence both in yourself and to your talents and abilities.


How do I Establish purpose for my life?

One of the best ways to establish purpose is to write all the things you believe in, rules that you live by, your philosophy of life, etc. Most people have a list of unwritten rules they live by. Some have it summarized in a short pithy motto like, safety first, or work smarter not harder, or Life’s too short to be a grouch. Many will let these mottos guide the things they say, and do.

As you begin to think about all the things you believe in, spend some time writing them down in a list. After you have your list, spend some time trying to summarize them into a few short precise sentences. Then you can assemble these sentences and make them into a statement of purpose for your life.

Tools for Better Living – Personal Vision Statement Guide (pdf)

You might also want to write a motto or slogan that summarizes your life’s philosophy or purpose. I know it sounds kind of strange, but every successful company on the planet has them. Chances are you could name the business or entity just by hearing the first few words or first few notes of their theme song.

The US army had, be all you can be, and an army of one – Mcdonalds had, you deserve a break today, and just loving it – Nike has, just do it, -Apple has, Think different, and the list goes on and on.

Tools for Better Living – Guide to establish motto and slogan for your life (pdf)


Conclusion to the Third Commandment of Success: Establish Purpose For Your Life

Now we are not trying to equate a human life with a corporation. These things however can begin to broaden our horizons and establish purpose in our life.  This in turn can help us identify a philosophy for our life that can serve to help keep us on track, and live successful lives.

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