Living Dreams by Overcoming Fears – What about Bob?

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When it comes to living dreams one of my favorite movies is “What about Bob?” starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

It’s about a psychiatrist named Dr. Leo Marvin, who writes a book called Baby Steps, which is about overcoming life’s problems one small step at a time.

Dr. Marvin’s mentally unstable patient named Bob, just loves the new book, because it is starting to help him overcome his numerous psychosomatic problems.

The problems start when Bob becomes so excited about his current victories that he decides to visit Dr. Marvin while he is with his family on vacation. When Bob interrupts his Doctors vacation, he is told to go home, and schedule an appointment like a regular patient.

However Bob gets other ideas after he meets the doctor’s children who immediately accepts Bob, and invites him to join them on their vacation. The doctor is however not so excited, and begins to let Bob get on his nerves.

Even though Bob is not the most stable of guys, he does have a hilarious knack for helping his physiologist become closer to his estranged family.

By the end of the movie, the tables are switched and Bob looks like the normal guy, while Dr Marvin looks like the crazy one.

Living Dreams: Sometimes you have to follow your own advice

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The underlying theme is that Bob follows the books advice and becomes better, while the esteemed doctor fails to listen to his own advice.

The principles portrayed through out the movie include taking baby step’s, or one small step at a time, to start living dreams and  overcoming our fears and hang-ups.

The most memorable scene in the movie is when Bob allows himself to be tied to the mast of a sail boat,  so he can get over his fear of water. Sometimes I think we all need to overcome our various fears and hang-ups, especially if they get in the way of living our life.

So if you are letting your fears get in the way of living dreams, try watching this movie, or at least come up with some ideas to help you take life one small step at a time.