Problems Suck 3 – Money Problems, Where Did the Money Go?

Yes, money problems suck and in the 3rd of this series let’s look at one of the suckiest problems of them all. Where did all the money go?

A Few Money Problems Scenarios

  • money problemsThere’s nothing like saving a bunch of money, and then something happens that demands the use of all we just saved.
  • Just as bad is working like a dog and still not being able to make ends meet.
  • Sometimes we can make more money than the year before, only to find ourselves in a higher tax bracket and ending up with less money than last year.


When it Comes to Money Problems There Are Three Solutions

1. Make More Money

Making more money can be done by working harder, finding another job, or by finding something people need and fulfilling that need.

2. Save More Money

Saving more money requires just setting aside a certain amount from every paycheck, and putting it into something that pays a percentage or can increase in value (CD, bond, stock, bank fund, real estate, collectables, gold etc.). 

3. Spend Less Money

Spending less money really comes down to a battle of wills, and believing that spending less is critical to survive into retirement. We all are capable of lowering our standard of living to compensate for our amount of income. So the best way to spend less money is to start taking money out of your pay regularly to invest. That way you will be forced to adapt to the amount of money that remains, and start saving.

When dealing with money problems the best way is to incorporate all three. Remember it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep.

Money Problems: Conclusion

Now it is impossible to deal with all of these issues in a short article.  This is why we at One Mean Dream place such an importance in the area of money. Its hard to live a good life, set goals and reach dreams if we are always inhibited by money issues. However, for those who apply themselves, money problems can be overcome.

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