Business Basics: Professional Development – Stay on top or get pushed off

We’ve all heard the familiar old refrain, “I can never find enough time”. Many times however this is just an excuse!   First of all, you can never FIND time, you must TAKE time.

Many of us say we don’t have enough time, but miraculously take time to do the things we enjoy most. This is because we subconciously do the things that are a priority to us.

Setting priorities is key to success, especially in business. To stay on top of our field we may even have to let certain jobs go, or delegate them to others, in order to stay informed. Remember, if you want to stay on top, you must feed the top (of your head).


everythingbutnothingWhat about loss of work productivity?

Sometimes it’s not possible to keep the same productivity while we are undergoing the educational process. However one must be confident, and pick the right educational events that strengthen your business and employees in the long run. Keeping the right time horizon in sight helps one recognize that performance may be affected in the present, but increased in the future.


Professional Development Helps you stay competitive and effective.

I believe we are always more effective with the right tools. Like they say measure twice, cut once. Most professionals are basically selling their knowledge. The more knowledge, the more we have to offer.


I’ve been in this profession so long, I don’t need more training.

Like I said, we don’t find time we take it. If you call yourself a professional it means you do something for a living. If you want to keep making a living you must continue to develop your skills and knowledge. If you don’t take the time your competitors will.


Where are the best places to find professional development training

1. Let me just say thank God for the Internet. Not everything on the Internet mind you, but by sorting through fact from fiction you can find some great information and tools.

2.  Contact your local college or governmental office and talk to various departments for training programs or seminars they have to offer.

3.  Try looking at your competitors bios because you may find a number of good training programs and events.

4.  It is also helpful to network with others by joining a number of pertinent organizations and local affiliations, which can provide training and reference material.