Dreaming Big and Living Out Loud: Simple First Steps

turtle-lizard1I wonder. Am I the only one who has the fear of taking the first step? Even for little matters that wouldn’t change a thing.

After taking a look at people around me, I realize I’m not the only one who has this problem. As far as I can see, the problem is clearer when we encounter crossroads where the next decision could change a major part of our lives.


The first step is the hardest

Planning, anticipating and visualizing the result and consequences before making any decision is important so that we can better prepare ourselves when things make a small unexpected turn. But matter gets complicated easily with multiple variables and factors.

We might be overwhelmed just by the shear amount of time needed to meet it, making it difficult for us to make the first move. We might just give up taking the most important first step because of stress and anxiety, when the problem might actually be non-existent in the first place.



Lets make it simple

After we verify what we want to do, we can outline a simple timeline of things we will do, and decisions we need to take. Then as we step out, we can let nature takes its course, while adapting to any changes along the way.

Nothing is easy, but sometimes what we do is for the better. It is worth our effort to struggle when we face some difficulties on the way. As they say, when the going gets tough, the though get going. Remember we are not fortune tellers, and the course of things might just change anytime, but this should not deter us. I believe that as long as we have our goal in mind, and are focused with a bit of hard work, we eventually will do what we set out for, no matter how uninviting the surrounding factors may be.
So dream big, step out, and live it out loud.