Learn New Skills and Make Money along the way

learn new skills and make money along the wayIt’s great to learn new skills and make money along the way.  Things like learning a new instrument, art form, sport, or even cooking ethic foods is a great way to experience life. However being able to make money along with that skill is a positive experience for everyone.

Of course if you are able to learn a new skill, or use a current skill, to make a living than life would truly be good. As they say, its great to make money doing the things you love.

11 ways to learn new skills and make money along the way. 

  1. Learn a computer program well and become an instructor

  2. Learning Web design and start free-lancing

  3. Use your skills as a street musician or performer

  4. Start offering private tutoring sessions

  5. Food/drink sales at local community events

  6. Make Nick-knacks and sell them at bazaars or in front of your house

  7. Arts/crafts seller at your local outdoor market

  8. Swap meet vendor selling things you make

  9. Finding garage sale deals, and reselling or taking to pawn shops

  10. Take Sales/marketing courses at your local college or on-line

  11. Provide a service that is needed by your neighbor’s


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