Finding Focus – Leave your head and enjoy the moment.

It’s hard to leave your head and enjoy the moment on information overload. This is because obsession, anxiety, worry and stress are the biggest killers of living in the moment.  Throw on top of this all the social media, instant access, portable devices, and other advances that have allowed our modern society to focus on the fast, flashy, and short-lived.
Now, none of these are necessarily a problem. But when joined together, they put heavy pressure on our minds to focus on the quick and easy.
It’s no wonder we have become the epitome of a short-attention-spanned-generation

How to Leave your head and enjoy the Moment.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself filling up on worthless and meaningless information.  I may even sit for  extended periods of time watching some show, or video clip that I’m not even that interested in.

Over time, these activities make it hard to enjoy what I am doing in my present circumstance. Usually because I’m looking forward to the next thing I have to do, or the next bit of information I want to absorb.

In the end, I may have accumulated knowledge, but not the wisdom to use it. Let alone enjoy it.

So occasionally I need to evaluate my life and determine my priorities. This helps me step back and look at what I’ve become, and where I’m going.

Here are 10 ideas for building the discipline of focus.

  1. First of all, we can try leaving our cell phone or digital device behind when we go out. This way we focus on what we are doing and not what other people are doing.
  2. Better yet, abandon these all together for a few weeks and do something else with your time like – reading a good book, taking a long walk, talking with friends, writing in a journal, starting a new hobby or other activities that need longer periods of focus and concentration.
  3. Next time you leave your house try focusing on your surroundings and find joy just living in the moment.
  4. Write down all the things you have to do, because our brain forget but paper does not.
  5. Spend time training our brain to focus its attention on what we are doing, and not what we should be doing.
  6. Get out your watch, and set a time to quiet your mind and focus on one thing only.
  7. Spend time stretching, exercising, breathing, meditating, spiritual devotion or any other activity that makes you focus on one thing for a longer period of time.
  8.  Stop procrastinating and do the things that have bothered you for so long.
  9. Find a live-in-the-moment partner and keep each other accountable.
  10. Stop what you are doing at arbitrary points and spend a minute  absorbing the situation.


Obviously these are just a few ideas.  But why not give one a try to see if you can leave your head and enjoy the moment.