Newsflash: Crises, Collapse, Corruption, Catastrophe, and other C words

Newsflash - Crises, Collapse, Corruption, Catastrophe, and other C wordsTired of the current news cycle of crises and catastrophe?  The answer could lie with a few more words that start with C. The answer Could Contain Canceling & Controlling Complicated & Complex Crises Centered Communication Companies and other media outlets!

Here’s Another Question:  Has the past few years made you feel like you are stuck on the longest roller coaster ride in the universe?

Most roller coasters are kind of fun, because we can view the track, and are ensured the ride will stop just before we get too sick. However this ride seems to be getting longer, higher, steeper, and with more twists, turns, loops, drops and spinning than other rides of the past.

So let us ask in a different way. Has all the current political, financial, war and other crises news left you’re head spinning and confused about what you are to do next. If this is you then read on.


Maybe it’s not what but who

If you are feeling helpless maybe it’s not so much about WHAT’s happening, but WHO’s telling you about it. If you are getting all your information from the large media corporations, financial sites, and other informational outlets, than you will probably never get off the rollercoaster.

By now there should be no doubt that most news outlets can turn anything into the next crises, scandal, catastrophe, or other myriad array of frustrating and depressing news. Maybe it’s time to turn off the evening news, as well as your computer, ipad, phone, radio or other access to other news outlets.

There is big money in fear, destruction, and making it seem like you are doomed if you don’t have the proper information (which is normally just another viewpoint on a subject, and not really news).


Good and Bad Input

In life we have to decide whether what we are doing is good for us or not. Today’s society is so caught up in the things we do with our bodies – smoking, eating, drinking, exercise – but pays little attention to the things we put into our minds.

It’s a sad thing that many in modern society pay little attention to abstaining from things that are bad for their mental, emotional and spiritual states, but abstain from anything that will make them seem “unhealthy”.

Norman Cousins once said – “All this sensory input, which begins in the brain, has its effect throughout the body”. Eleanor Roosevelt said – “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. If all the sensory input has started to affect you in a negative way, and made you feel inferior or hopeless, than its time to shut it all down and spend your time on something else.


Just turn it off

Today the news is filled with political uprising, financial problems, unstable governments, ratings downgrades, high unemployment, and things that make me depressed just writing about them.

When speaking about the current thought of the day, George Orwell  summarized it nicely in his statement. “At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas of which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question… Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the high-brow periodicals.”

So I say just turn it off and do something else.


3 things we can do.

  1. This too shall pass.    Bad things have happened throughout history, and they will continue even when the present crisis is forgotten about.
  1. Watch where you focus.      Focus on the things you can control like making a positive impact on the community in which you live. Join a club, church or other civic community group in your city.
  1. Don’t react, do respond.      Start by doing what you can do and stop dwelling on what you can’t. Instead of reacting in fear, anger or quick decisions, begin to respond by doing what you are able – like lowering credit card debt, look for positive shows, start saving money, lowering living costs, spend more time with your family etc.


Newsflash: Crises, Collapse, Corruption, Catastrophe, and other C words – Conclusion

Remember the old computer term GIGO or Garbage in – Garbage Out?  It basically meant what programing you put into the computer would predict how the program would respond.  Well the same goes for our brains.  If we put in a bunch of negative garbage into our mind, it will affect how we live our lives.  So maybe its time to cut the cable and wifi for a season, or at least limit the amount of negative news we consume…..