Only Way to Get Out of Debt

There’s really only one way to get out of debt.

Stop buying stuff and spending money on what you really DO NOT need.

For most of us, getting out of debt is a no brainier. Think about it. When we stop spending money, we have more to pay off our debt. And don’t fall into the trap of convincing yourself that you really need all the stuff you buy.

How did we get here in the first place?

It’s amazing how many things we can live without. Yet most of the stuff that surrounds our life is rarely, if ever, used at all.

Think about how little of what we own is actually used on a daily or weekly basis.  Most of our belongings have been accumulated along the way, and now surround us like a little warm cocoon.

However, as the years go by, our cocoon has turned into a giant shell. And now we carry it around on our backs, like a giant lumbering turtle.

Then, at some point the weight gets so heavy, that it no longer helps us in any meaningful way.

It is at this point, that all the stuff we have purchased becomes both our liability, and the main reason for our debt.

Remember, the only way to get in debt is to spend more money than we are able to pay off.

How do we get out of debt?

We do not magically get in debt and then magically get out.  We get in debt because of our spending habits.  We get out of debt by taking a good long look at how we spend our money, and then stop spending.

Looking honestly at our spending habits will enable us to find the correlation between both how and why we got in debt in the first place.

So stop fooling around and rip off the bandage that’s been covering that festering wound of debt.

Once we stop wasting our money, we can start saving every penny and pay off our debt.  It took time to get there; it will take time to get out.

However, by the time we get out of debt, we will be accustomed to living our life without spending so much money on what got us into debt in the first place!