Problems Suck 1 – Overcoming Difficulties

When it comes to overcoming difficulties, we all have run across people who seem to relish their misery, and have learned to succumb to problems without a fight. However as a reader you must NOT be one of these people. If you loved misery you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Now we all know people who thrive on cute little sayings like, “problems only make us stronger”, or “you wouldn’t have rainbows without rain”. However, for most of us, this is not enough. In reality problems are just a part of life, and have to be dealt with.

You may know OMD is all about staying positive, focusing on goals and overcoming difficulties while reaching for our dreams. Yet this does not negate the fact that problems, if not handled properly, can become obstacles that inhibit us from reaching our goals.

Overcoming Difficulties

Overcoming Difficulties

Every time we seem to start in the right direction, and get traction, something comes up that slaps us back down. 

It can be from a sickness, injury, loss of a friend, marriage difficulties, problems with our children, or just from the consequences of a past stupid decision. Everyone on this planet has gone through these events many times, and we are definitely not alone.

There is no magical pill, but we can find comfort and solutions if we ask and answer 2 questions.

Overcoming Difficulties Question 1: Why did this happen?

For many years, a very active friend of mine would suffer some injury just as he was about to reach some goal or milestone. It was usually some pulled muscle, hurt knee, torn ligament or other problems. It took him many years to realize that he would set goals without giving himself enough time to complete them safely. Because of these self-inflicted deadlines, he would push himself too hard, and too fast, and then get hurt.

Remember if things are constantly inhibiting our momentum, then the first thing we need to do is to accept accountability for our actions or inaction. If we don’t, and just let it go, then we are bound to fall into the same actions or inaction again. If the answer is no, and it was beyond our control, then we need to accept that it was beyond our control, and stop beating ourselves up.

We also have to make sure we don’t allow the cause of the problem to continue on, or make a plan to deal with the person or situation that contributed to the problem.

overcoming difficulties, questionsOvercoming Difficulties Question 2: What can we do about it?

Knowing the problem is only the first step, doing something about it comes next. Here are a few suggestions.

1.  Build Stamina.

This is probably one of the most important things we can do when overcoming difficulties. When we are sick, depressed, and unhealthy we are handicapped both mentally and physically. Building our stamina can be done through physical exercise, eating properly, getting enough sleep, working on our spiritual lives, listening to our doctors, and taking care of ourselves.

2. Deal with negative and detrimental things.

Humans have a unique ability to get used to, and accept the very things that are detrimental to both their happiness and livelihood. The best place to start is to cut off, or even remove ourselves, from negative and pessimistic people (especially our so called friends) who are a hindrance and not a help. When overcoming difficulties it also helps to make a list of the objects and actions that are inhibiting us, and then dealing with them one at a time.

3. Deal with “bad habits”.

If habits or actions become detrimental then we need to find a way to break these habits. It’s also vital that we stop or at least limit negative input from the news and media, and start obtaining positive input through reading good books and magazines, studying new things, creative writing or journaling, praying, listening to motivational messages, listening to inspirational music etc.

4. Have a support network.

Surrounding ourselves with people, groups, and organizations who have similar goals and objectives can help stabilize our lives. This is vital when overcoming difficulties because we are social beings who need encouragement and positive feedback to help keep us on track.

5. Keep a list of goals, dreams and past achievements.

Keep these somewhere close to us (car, headboard, day-timer, cell phone etc.) to remind us that we have overcome before, and that we can do it again.

6. Work regularly on having a good attitude.

It’s vital for us to keep a good attitude, and stay focused on our strengths and victories, instead of our problems and defeats. Maintaining a good family life, network with others who have overcome similar obstacles, finding a good counselor or life coach, and remembering to focus on overcoming each problem as it comes along. These actions can help us move from victory to victory when overcoming difficulties.

Overcoming Difficulties Conclusions

Remember sometimes it’s the most obvious answer staring us in the face. Sometimes you have to get off the treadmill and take a hard look at your life and ask the right questions.

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