6 Principles for Making Better Decisions

making better decisions

Here are six basic principled for making better decisions.

1. Make up your mind: We are complex beings, not just bodies inhabiting space. We are “living souls” made up of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual processes, which makes life such a dichotomy –  sometimes easy, sometimes difficult.  However many times it all starts in our head. This is why making better decisions begins with the simple decision to do so.  So if you are reading this, you have probably taken the first step.   click here for more info


2. Attitude Adjustment: Our attitude can often get in the way of strengthening the various life aspects noted above. When we develop and allow pessimistic and negative attitudes to control our lives, making better decisions will become increasingly difficult. So do whatever it takes to uncover, and remove the things that are causing negative or destructive attitudes.  click here for more info


making better decisions3. Friend or Foe:  Humans are social creatures and need interaction with others.  We are influenced greatly by those we spend the most time with. So make sure these interactions are built on mutual encouragement, and support for one another. Making better decisions is impossible if our mind is full of the negativity that comes from poor relationships.  Click here for more info


4. Creatures of Habit:  Making better decisions is built one habit at a time. Building the discipline of a strong mind is just that – a discipline. Find the ways and means to remind yourself regularly.  This could be done  by reading diverse material, focusing techniques like yoga, building a strong devotional life, joining a church or club, and asking others close to you for help. Click here for more info


5. Health is wealth:  The ability to think clearly and perform optimally is difficult enough when we are whole, but when we are unhealthy it is just that much harder. Now for those who are struggling with disabilities and disease making better decisions is vital.

So keeping up with our health is very important for optimal performance. Regardless of our current situations, our mental process needs regular fuel and maintenance. Eating properly, getting enough sleep, regular physical exertion, and building a physically healthy environment is the key for our physical and mental stability.   Click here for more info


making better decisions

6. Find your focus:  As an University Professor, one of my favorite ways to reclaim the students attention is to say, Ok students, Focus, Focus, Focus.  If the students can’t focus they can’t learn.

It is no secret that many regions around the world have areas of what I call “societal focus”.  Societal focus is when a culture, or society, place importance on various aspects that it deems important.  For example education is the primary focus of most Korean Parents.  Having the freedom and opportunity to make our own choices is highly regarded in North America.

In making better decisions we must not allow societal pressure to determine where we focus our attention. It seems today that many focus way too much on all the flashy gadgets and entertainment devices vying for our attention.  So now, more than ever, we must foster the ability to focus our attention on things that matter most.  Click here for more info


Making better decisions conclusion:

By working on these six areas, we we can build the mental toughness to overcome what ever life throws at us. So the moral of the story is, If one wants to live their dreams, reach goals or  succeed in any endeavor, making better decisions is always a good start.